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Call me twstrfries, a mom with diverse interests, from cooking to reading, to binge-watching Asian dramas, anime or anything on Netflix, to trying out various mobile games, from mmos to moba and casual cooking games.

You can usually find me in the kitchen when I am not busy taking care and spending time with my child. Bullet Journalling keeps me sane when mommyhood and life overwhelms me. I love aesthetic feeds on Instagram and minimalist themes on the blog.

I’m a working mom juggling family life with work and my endless list of to do’s. Join me in my blogging journey as I share with you tidbits of my life, thoughts and home cooked meals.

Most images used on this blog are not mine (Pinterest/Wallpaper/WeHeartIt) unless otherwise stated.

Believe in your heart that you’re meant to live a life full of passion, purpose, magic and miracles.

Roy T. Bennet, The Light in the Heart

www wednesday | 01

This is the first time I’ll participate in WWW meme. It’s currently hosted by Sam of Taking on a World of Words. All I have to do is to answer the following questions: What are you currently reading?What did you recently finish reading?What do you think you’ll read next? I won’t do this on aContinue reading “www wednesday | 01”

hanash | 03

It’s one of the rare days when I find myself wanting to write but can’t decide what to write, what topic to discuss, what life update to share, what I want to do and so on. So let’s do the hanash thing. I was about to use the laughing emoticon but I read on CNNContinue reading “hanash | 03”

book haul | 02

I can no longer deny it, I’m really back to book hoarding. I know it’s not the same as my book buying splurge 8 years ago wherein whenever there is a sale I’ll get a copy even if I’m sure I won’t read it. I still feel a little guilty, I guess? I can’t sayContinue reading “book haul | 02”

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